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A Legacy of Faith and Strength—Inez Beatrice Bates Sutton is a biography written by Linda R. Sutton honoring the life of Inez Beatrice Bates Sutton, her mother. She vividly accounts the life story of her mother as lived and told to her and her siblings down through the years. Readers have found the book to be awe inspiring as well as educational. Others give a hearty Thanks for the book being written giving commendations on a well written biography—an interesting read for generations to come.

Reflections, Recollections, Revelations is a collection of inspirational short stories that minister to the spirit, mind and soul. They are expressions of the heart, life lessons taught and joys realized. The awe inspiring stories are delightfully recounted and attest to the love and power of God. They are written to stimulate one to ponder and thought; to give reason for pause and reflection.

While some have found the books to be much like a daily devotional, others have expressed their enjoyment in reading the books as a collection of short stories. Personally, I believe the books to be a bit of both. In any case, it is a “Must Read” that will encourage and uplift the heart.

Book Reviews
Jennifer R. Biard, Senior Pastor
Jackson Revival Center Church, Inc. | Jackson, MS

Linda does a masterful job of sharing her own personal reflections and observations of God’s faithfulness with a transparency that is both rare and refreshing. Her stories are captivating and her songs of deliverance will continue to echo throughout the corridors of your mind long after you have placed this volume back on the shelf. As I read the book, I smiled with a Godly pride and cheered like a mother in the stands at a sporting event to see and read “the work” that God had done through a willing vessel. This collection will be a welcomed addition to your personal library and one that you will want to read over and over again.